Feel free to Download and Enjoy listening to our music and Stories below. You are also welcome to Donate to our work , or support us with your time, advice and skills. Thank you.

Abundance Arts' unique creative arts workshops and performances empowers local communities, children, families and organisations. Bringing people of different backgrounds together in a fun learning environment. We use creativity to enhance people's understanding and well being.

We welcome funding opportunities to run community and schools projects. Please contact us to know more about supporting our work, or to volunteer your time, email
: arts@abundancearts.com Thank you.

Aja Mi Da
Babaye Susutioma
Bi mo ba lo
Che Che Le Che Che Le
Clap Your Hands
Kpacha Samba
Naki Le
Sing along-a-drum
1 Mukulumuke and the poor girl
1 The greedy spider. Ananse and the Birds
1 The Pot of Wisdom
1 The Selfish Giant
1 Tortoise's Song
1 Why the spider spins his web
1 Zebra's Stripes

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