Abundance Arts' music workshops with Oremi Centre & Scope disability charity the particpants 'Feel the Rhythm'
reduce stress, energize, learn & have fun

Health & Wellbeing
'Feel the Rhythm'

"Music reduces stress" from the Journal of Clinical Nursing 2007

Scientists and leading psychologists have widely documented the benefits of music and creative activity as effective tools for emotional, physical and mental well-being.

You can book Abundance Arts 'Feel the Rhythm' as part of your health programme, or we can devise fun activities to suit your specific group requirements and ability, using African songs and dance movements. Our 'Feel the Rhythm' programme offers movement to live music, drums and percussion. Fun and fitness with trained experienced instructors, in a friendly environment.

Abundance Arts also work with people with special needs, older people and people with disabilities. We work with Scope and NHS choices. We can make a wide range of information about local facilities and services for health and wellbeing available to you, within our programme.

A Live Science 2008 article by Dr Robin Lloyd, entitled, 'Amazing Power of Music' also reveals " further studies have found, that music can boost the immune system, improve mental focus, help control pain, create a feeling of well-being and greatly reduce anxiety... "

Health and Therapeutic Benefits of ' Feel the Rhythm' include:

- Reduce Stress through listening to music and physical exercise
- Enjoy relaxing and stimulating social environment
- Developing Personal awareness through self-expression and physical excerscise
- Improved mental focus through relaxation
- Improved physical strength and stamina
- Healthy Heart through fun exercise

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